BimBi Italiani promotes Italian storytelling. The storytellers are generally parents of children who live abroad.

“Stories and Fairy Tales” stimulates the love, curiosity and passion for reading and storytelling.

Stories and Fairy Tales: The Series


Giuseppe is the father of two amazing Italian children, Sofia and Mila. Through the series Zio Giuseppe, he becomes the uncle to Italian children abroad. He narrates classic stories but in a fun, engaging way and using traditional and regional dialects.

Giuseppe grew up in Florence. His dad his from Naples. His mom is from Sardinia. Giuseppe defines himself as the “Roberto Benigni” style of dad whose duty is to “make the life of his children more beautiful”.

Giuseppe’s dream? Opening a fine dining restaurant for children!

Watch Zio Giuseppe's Episodes!

  • Cappuccetto Rosso ai Tempi del Covid

  • I Tre Porcellini

  • I Capretti Furbetti

  • Riccioli D'Oro

  • Il Bruco Mai Sazio

  • Rory il Dinosauro ed il suo Papa'

  • No, il Vasino No!

Le Mille e una Fiaba

Raffaela Marongiu racconta

Gianni Rodari

Raffaela is the mother of a wonderful child who is half Italian, half Thai. Raffala lives in Thailand. She is passionate about elephants, and she is an expert in cinematography. Most importantly she adores children’s narratives and literature!

Through The One Thousand and One Fairy Tales, Raffaela brings Italian children into a new, magical world of stories.

The One Thousand and One Fairy Tales is part of a BimBi Italiani pilot project that aims to transfer Italian culture language and traditions through storytelling.

Watch 'Le Mille e una Fiaba"!

  • Una Viola al Polo Nord

  • La Pianta Paolino

  • Il Paese Senza Punta

  • Alice Nella Fiaba

  • Il Topo che si mangiava i Gatti

  • Alice nella Bolla

  • Alice Cascherina e Alice nella Bolla

  • Alice Casca in Mare