Through video conferences, every month BimBi Italiani and Vita da Expat cover issues and topics related to the growth and development of Italian children living abroad.


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BimBi Italiani & Vita da Expat are hosting a live conference with Dr. Karin Martin, a consultant and trainer in multilingualism and founder of Il Giardino Multilingue (The Multilingual Garden)Karin talks about the false myths surrounding bilingualism. She emphasizes how children growing up with two or more languages are often subject to ideas and preconceptions that adults have about their development. 

Dr. Martin, through Il Giardino Multilingue, is an affiliated partner of BimBi Italiani, offering a 10% discount to registered BimBi Italiani members.

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Italian Children Grow Up

BimBi Italiani & Vita da Expat interview Giacomo Iobizzi & Annalisa Mora, two grown-up Italan Children. Giacomo was born in Rome. His mom is Thai. His dad is Italian. In 2015 he moves to Thailand to discover his Thai roots.  Annalisa was born in Italy. Her dad is Italian. Her mom is Nigerian. Annalisa lives in the UK. She is now the mom of an Italian Child "BimBo Italiano". 

We will talk with Giacomo and Annalisa of what it means to be grown-up Italian Children, meaning: what does it mean to have grown up from a family of mixed nationality and what's its impact in the long term?

Intercultural Growth

BimBi Italiani e Vita da Expat interview Najwa Saady. With her they talk about Intercultural Growth meaning how to support children and youth, especially those that live in a multicultural and expatriate environment, to embrace their intercultural identity.  Through her courses Najwa coaches parents in acquiring the skills needed to support their children to growth in armony with multiple cultures. Najwa Saady is a  Family Language Coach with extensive experience in the field of intercultural education. She is also the creator of “Armonia Multilingue”,

Emotional Education

Cristina Ruffini, “L’Isola dei Tesori” nursery coordinator and pedagogist  specialised in pedagogical conselling for parents, teachers and educators on issues related to the emotional grown and well-being of children and adolescents talks about  Emotional Education: how to support our children to develop their ability to recognize and understand their emotions to promote their personal and interpersonal growth and development in an multicultural, expatriate context. 


Pedagogist Cristina Ruffini is a BimBi Italiani affiliated partner. Thorugh L’Isola dei Tesori, Cristina Ruffini offers specialised services including pediatric and psico-pedagogic consultations, and re servizi specializzati quali consulenze pediatriche, psico-pedagogiche and training courses targeting parents, teachers and educators.

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Digital Nomads & Homeschooling

BimBi Italiani & Vita da Expat interview Carlotta Cerri, a mom, an AMI educator and the creator of   "La Tela", , a free online platform targeting families that promotes long-term, sustainable education. 

As a digital nomad and full time traveler, Carlotta talks about the benefits and difficulties of growing children within an "Homeschooling" and nomadic environment. 

Studying in Italy for a few months only

Prof.Donatella Cangini, School Director at the Tiziano Terzani High School in Abiattegrasso, Milan provide, talks with us about the temporary integration of Italian children living abroad in the Italian school system.

Speech ThErapy in Expat Children

The Speech Therapist, Dr. Valentina Giannini, talks to us about delays in speech development with a focus on children living abroad and/or exposed to a bi/tri language environment. 

The Speech Theraphist, Doctor Valentina Giannini is also a BimBi Italiani affilitated partners. BimBi Italiani members can benefit from various discounts on the specialized services offered by Dr. Valentina Giannini. 

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In this episode, BimBi Italiani and Vita da Expat speak with Italian Teacher Chiara Gasparotti to talk about the issues of teaching Italian abroad. 

Of interest are the difficulties faced with bilingualism particularly among mixed families and beyond.  

Expatriation and Identity in Children

How does the concept of Italian identity evolve in children who live outside Italy? How does the concept of Italian identity evolve in children who come from mixed families? 

We talk about this with Delfina Licata, Sociologist in Human Mobility, Migrants Foundation’s Research and Development specialist, and focal point on the relationships among Italians living abroad.