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BimBi Italiani’s collaborators include both individuals and organizations that, through their skills, competencies, and personal and professional experiences, want to contribute to BimBi Italiani’ s mission

BimBi Italiani continues to grow and expand. BimBi Italiani needs enthusiastic, creative collaborators that believe in BimBi Italiani’s mission and objectives.

Being a BimBi Italiani collaborator means using skills and experience to contribute to the growth of this project.

If you are an individual or an organization interested in collaborating with BimBi Italiani, please contact ust or fill in the form compila il modulo "Collabora con Noi" (Collaborate with Us)!

BimBi Italiani’s strength is its approach, focused on integrating the community in whatever we do


If you want to use your skills and ideas to contribute to BimBi Italiani, if you are a freelancer or you just have an idea you would like to explore, please, CONTACT US or fill in the form “COLLABORA CON NOI” (Collaborate with us)

  • VOLUNTEERING AND INTERNSHIP POSITIONS: BimBi Italiani needs volunteers to help us expand our work in areas related to communication and media, fundraising, project management and development (including education, language and creative workshops) and administration.

If you would like to volunteer or intern with us, please CONTATCT US or fill in the form “COLLABORA CON NOI”

  • PAID VACANCIES: There are no open vacancies at the moment.

BimBi Italiani is looking for smart, dynamic, enthusiastic VOLUNTEERS and INTERNS to join our team

We are looking for a number of volunteers and interested interested in joining a newly registered Non-Profit Cultural Association with the aim of creating activities promoting Italian culture amongst children and families (from early childhood to teenagehood).

Our Volunteers and Interns are given challenging projects where they can gain meaningful experience with high expectations for performance. The profiles we are looking for are listed below.

  • This is an unpaid position.

  • Initial duration: three months

  • Flexible times and hours: based on deliverables.

  • Knowledge of Italian Language Required

- You can do it from everywhere in the world!

If you want to join our team and see this cultural association for children grow, this is the right opportunity for you!


If you are an organization, whether public or private, a non-profit or an existing community, and you want to collaborate with us, explore new partnerships and create or promote new projects, please CONTACT US and fill in the form “COLLABORA CON NOI”

BimBi Italiani is always looking for new projects and ideas!