Founding Members

Different people with complementary experiences united by a common passion: BimBi Italiani!

Elena Del Fabbro

Elena was born in Milan. At 17, Elena moved to the United Kingdom where she completed her high school, undergraduate, and graduate education. In 2009, Elena began a career in the humanitarian field. She’s worked with Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and served in Nepal, Uganda, South Sudan and in the Middle East. Elena’s primary focus is child protection in emergencies.

In 2019, Elena moved to Bangkok with her newborn baby, Giulia Sophie, and her America husband, Andy. Being a mom nurtured a passion for early childhood development and in June 2020 Elena received her post-graduate diploma (PGCE) in Early Years teaching. Elena completed her post-graduate practicum at the Early Learning Centre (ELC) in Bangkok, a Reggio approach inspired international school. Elena works for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the Regional Office for South-East Asia and the Pacific.

Laura Perin

Laura is an architect specialized in hotel interior design. She studied architecture in Graz, Austria, then moved for work to London, Milan, Mexico City, and Bangkok. Laura's architectural passion lays at the intersection between people, space, and communication.

Outside of work, Laura with her husband, Tommaso, has created educational workshops for children focused on creative exploration. After her daughter, Eleni, was born, Laura also began to explore the area of the hospitality sector tailored to families with children.

Elisetta Grigoletto

Elisetta Grigoletto was born in Rovigo retired after a 25-years-career in marketing, brand image, and communication. Trained at the Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milan, Elisetta continues to pursue her lifelong passion for design. Elisetta loves to travel. She is the mother of two Italian children and the grandmother of two more. Federico, Elisetta’s older grandchild, lives in Miami. Giulia Sophie, the baby of the family, lives in Bangkok.

Elisetta believes Italian children worldwide need to know their Italian culture, traditions, and heritage. She believes there’s no better way to do that than through fun, educational, family-oriented activities. Elisetta is BimBi Italiani Cultural Association’s President.

BimBi Italiani’s strength is its approach –community integration!