What’s the 

Italian Cooking Course?

BimBi Italiani’s Italian Cooking Course compromise of either stand-alone workshops or weekly 1-hour cooking classes. They are designed to teach children how to cook Italian food, while exposing them to Italian traditional and regional cuisines, recipes and ingredients.

The course is a wonderful mix of culture and traditions blended into life-long cooking skills. The course has been designed and implemented by BimBi Italiani together with various Italian Chefs including Chef Antonio Maurizio Boffa from Bianco & Nero and Chef Jui Kanokwan from Taste Lab.

The course makes it for a wonderful extracurricular activity within and/or outside the school environment. 

What do children do?

Children cook traditional Italian dishes in a fun, playful and enjoyable atmosphere.

What do children learn?

BimBi Italiani is happy to deliver this course anywhere in the world. If you would like to integrate this course within your activities CONTACT US!

BimBi Italiani thanks KCG, Taste Lab, Bianco & Nero, Lin, Craft Select and Food Delite for their support!